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Southern Oregon Public Television (SOPTV) and Jefferson Public Radio (JPR) are joining forces on a new Public Media initiative entitled “LOCAL FOCUS.”

The first in the series, “LOCAL FOCUS: DEBT OF HONOR,” examined the struggles and triumphs of disabled veterans and offers avenues for ordinary citizens to get involved in both honoring and truly supporting our community’s injured heroes.



JPR’s Jefferson Exchange featured discussions in October and November 2015 about issues and challenges faced by our local disabled veterans and their families.

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On Tuesday, November 10th at 8pm SOPTV premiered the Ric Burns documentary “DEBT OF HONOR: DISABLED VETERANS IN AMERICAN HISTORY.”

Featuring deeply moving interviews with some of the country’s most prominent disabled veterans, the film takes an unflinching look at the reality of warfare and disability. The film seeks to understand the realities and challenges that disabled veterans have faced throughout history and continue to face today. It seeks to build a new bridge between military and civilian cultures to inspire an important dialogue about how America treats her veterans and to impart a message of compassion and mutual understanding.

Following the film, JPR’s Geoffrey Riley hosted a live television conversation with local experts, veterans, VA and resource providers who answered questions from viewers and further examined the topics brought up in the film to encourage, engage and empower veterans and civilians alike.

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To learn more about local resources available, you can download the Reintegration Handbook: Guide to Benefits and Services, a comprehensive guide for Veterans and their families.